4. Creating catalogue of requirements

The tests will use the catalogues of requirements in a custom XML-based format. To generate it from the HTML file with the requirements marked up, press Catalogue of Reqs button in KompoZer. A dialog will open:

Creating catalogue of requirements

The HTML files from which the catalogue will be created are listed in the Source files box. Currently opened file is already listed there by default, which is exactly what we need in this case. If we wanted to create a single catalogue of requirements from several HTML files, we could press Add button to add remaining files (Remove button could be used to remove unnecessary items from the list). This can be useful when the requirements for a group of functions are specified in two or more HTML files.

Press Browse and specify an XML file that will contain the catalogue of requirements, let it be example01-t2c/reqs/glib_arrays.xml in this case (the file should have the same name as the corresponding .t2c file). Press Generate. The catalogue will be created and will be written to the specified file.