Chapter 3. Test Development with T2C and ReqMarkup - a Typical Workflow

1. Analysis of documentation
2. Markup of requirements (assertions)
3. Creating catalogue of requirements
4. Generating template of .t2c file
5. Populating the template: development of parameterized tests
6. Using T2C to generate the sources of the tests and other files
7. Building, executing and debugging the tests, analysing the results

This section describes a typical workflow in test development with T2C and ReqMarkup (a simple requirement markup tool).


T2C can be used in conjunction with other requirement management systems as well or even without such systems at all. But still, ReqMarkup is more than enough to demonstrate the possibilities of using requirement management tools in test development with T2C.

Suppose we need to check if some piece of software complies with the requirements on its functionality presented in one or more documents in HTML format. In this case, test development with T2C usually consists of the following steps as shown in the figure below. The steps marked with stars on this figure require the most attention (and probably the most effort) of a test developer. The other steps are done mostly automatically with appropriate tools.